Rapid Business Innovation Champion

Inspired by the heroic response of many cloud tech businesses to the COVID-19 pandemic, this special category seeks to recognize an organization that is innovatively tackling community challenges and crises by adapting its services or products for the wider public good.

Our Rapid Business Innovation Champion will be a business that is actively using its knowledge, skills, or product offering to address social issues, or perhaps has pivoted the way it operates or how it delivers to be a force for good.


Our judges will look for concrete examples of how a business working with cloud technology has used its expertise, reach, or resources to make a significant positive impact, either by supporting its own employees or the wider community.

Nominations can be submitted as a 300-word statement OR a 3-minute video highlighting how the nominee has hit all or some of the elements outlined in the category criteria; try and include as much tangible evidence as possible.


Since launching in 2016, Rebura has evolved into one of UK’s fastest-growing AWS Advanced Consulting Partners. In 2020, Rebura was named APN Rising Star Partner of the Year for the UK and Ireland, acknowledging the company as the region’s most promising APN Partner and recognising its continued dedication to AWS customers. Rebura focus solely on AWS technologies, helping customers increase productivity, scalability, cost efficiency, and security. Because of this commitment to the AWS cloud platform, Rebura has built deep, unparalleled expertise across the whole scope of AWS products and services.