Elements.cloud Outstanding Leadership Award, CIO

This award will be bestowed on a CIO or other board-level IT executive who has led on a substantial digital transformation that is delivering tangible results for their business.

Our winning CIO will have executed a successful implementation or similar project that’s helping their company improve their processes and enabling them to lead by example in the cloud space.


Our judges will look out for instances of great leadership, innovation, and change management.

Nominations can be submitted as a 300-word statement OR a 3-minute video highlighting how the nominee has hit all or some of the elements outlined in the category criteria; try and include as much tangible evidence as possible.


Elements.cloud is a platform that accelerates and reduces the risk of your Salesforce implementation. Get everyone on the same page with business analysis, (process mapping, ERD, requirements and user stories). Increase the speed and reduce risk of changes with the Org metadata dictionary which has impact analysis (where used, dependencies and field population), automated and admin/dev documentation. Drive up user adoption with feedback and end user help.