Outstanding Leader of the Year Award

Outstanding leadership means different things to different people.

The winner of our Outstanding Leader of the Year Award will be someone who has demonstrated exceptional guidance, direction, integrity, decision-making, or inspirational leadership throughout their work in the cloud space.

Maybe they’ve led their business to demonstrable growth, positively impacted customers or employees, or is leading their organization from the front and taking bold, innovative steps into the future.


Nominees may be CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, Directors, Managers, but you don’t have to hold an ‘official’ management to be a great leader. We’re looking for anyone in the cloud industry who’s demonstrated exceptional leadership, no matter what their role.

Our judges will look for examples of courage, vision, impact on the nominee’s company or industry, innovativeness, outstanding engagement, and personal character.

Nominations can be submitted as a 300-word statement OR a 3-minute video highlighting how the nominee has hit all or some of the elements outlined in the category criteria; try and include as much tangible evidence as possible.


Barclays Women In Technology, recently named TechWomen100’s Top 3 Network of the Year in 2020, is part of a global community which aims to empower women of all levels and backgrounds to achieve their career aspirations in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM), offering its members networking, upskilling and collaboration opportunities. Re-launched in 2019, the network encourages women to get into technology through several D&I initiatives including career development schemes to upskill Barclays colleagues, hosting coding sessions for primary and secondary students and creating more female role models for the next generation. The network consists of ~15,000 committee members and 20 local chapters in major cities including New York, Whippany, Pune, Noida, Chennai, London, Northampton, Knutsford, Glasgow, Prague, Dublin, and Singapore, and plans to expand in 2021.