Tech Star of the Year

The Tech Star of the Year award recognizes outstanding contributions to the cloud industry by an individual.

Our Tech Star will be a cloud expert whose creativity, passion, and innovation is driving the space forward—someone who embodies cloud excellence.

Maybe they wow you with their commitment to sharing their knowledge with the community and evangelizing the power of cloud. Maybe it’s someone who uses their reputation and influence in the cloud space to make a difference. Maybe their vision is creating new pathways to the future of the cloud industry. 

Whatever it is that makes this cloud pro next-level, this award commends cloud professionals who go above and beyond and whose work makes a significant, valuable impact in our field. 


Judges will look for examples of passion for cloud technology, vision, and tangible contributions to the industry. 

Nominations can be submitted as a 300-word statement OR a 3-minute video highlighting how the nominee has hit all or some of the elements outlined in the category criteria; try and include as much tangible evidence as possible.


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